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Come For Work, Stay to Live

There’s a reason so many people visit Florida. Those same reasons are exactly why it’s also a great place to live. It’s a safe, sunny, easily navigable state. In fact, five FL cities rank in the top 25 best places to live in the country. Once you put down roots, however, a competitive cost of living – no state income tax! – and a strong educational system are just two of the perks that make it worth staying for the long haul. You can build a career, a home, and a family, all without sacrificing on a superb quality of life. Get to know the state beyond its beaches and attractions and start filling out that change-of-address form.

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Best Large Cities to Start a Business (2024)

Orlando is the best large city to start a business in, due in part to the fact that the number of small businesses has grown faster than in most other cities. Tampa is the second-best large city for starting a small business, in part because it has a low corporate tax rate, allowing businesses to […]
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Florida was America’s Hottest Job Market in 2023

Follow the mountains and sunshine for the best job markets in America. Salt Lake City was the country’s hottest job market in 2023, followed by three cities in Florida: Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa. Miami also made the top 10, making Florida the top state last year.
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Four of Nation’s Fastest-Growing Metro Areas Are in Florida

Florida was home to four of the nation’s top five fastest-growing metropolitan statistical areas and three of the top 10 that gained the largest number of people from 2022 to 2023, reflecting continued population growth across the South.
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Florida is Home to 4 Top 20 Cities for Flexible Careers

CommercialCafe ranked the U.S. cities with the best career flexibility by awarding points for indicators in Flexibility Opportunities, Commuting & Remote Readiness and Career Growth & Economics.
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