November 16, 2021

Florida scores high in the latest business climate survey

A group of people sitting at a table looking at a laptop

Site selectors and business executives have selected Florida as one of the top environments to do business in 2021.

In its most recent Business Climate Rankings, Site Selection magazine ranked Florida in the No. 2 position for executive survey business climate.

Here is how Florida ranked in some of the top categories:

Executive survey rank: No. 2

Prosperity rank: No. 14

2020 projects rank: No. 1

2020 projects-per-capita rank: No. 31

2021 year-to-date projects rank: No. 11

2021 year-to-date projects per capita rank: No. 40

Mature firm tax index rank: No. 14

New firm tax index rank: No. 28

Final total points: 39

According to Site Selection, survey responders listed several key factors that influenced the way they voted. These factors include proximity to ports, operating expense, transparency of state officials and a stable tax environment.

The Sunshine State came in a three-way tie with Georgia and North Carolina for executive ranks, despite an overall ranking of 12 on the list. While North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas take the top three positions on the overall rankings.

Recent business moves to the Tampa Bay area include Ark Investment’s Cathie Wood relocating the company from New York to St. Petersburg.